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cricket fitness test|fitness test for speed


Yo-Yo test is a necessary wellness test for the Indian players, in presence since 2016. Anil kumble’s probably the greatest commitment to Indian cricket, making it

It’s a test for a player’s endurance and perseverance level.

A yo-yo test includes a player moving between two cones that are separate 20 fitness test|fitness test for speed

After the main signal, he begins running towards the subsequent cone and should arrive at the second cone before the subsequent blare and afterward re-visitations of the beginning stage, the principal cone, before the third blare. This is one transport.

Speed level 5, the beginning level, has one transport, speed level 9,the next one has one, 11 has 2, 12 has 3, 13 has 4

The test you have to take, if you want to play for Virat Kohli

Only if a player passes the test, he will be considered for the squad selection.

Virat kohli and Manish Pandey had scored 19 and 19:2 respectively.

Recently, shockingly Rayudu and Samson both failed the test. Even big players like Raina and Yuvraj had also failed in yo yo test few months fitness test|fitness test for speed

Fitness is important, but I feel giving too much importance to this level of fitness would miss out some great players. Already happened with Rayudu who was in a terrific form with the bat and also on the field.

And focusing on just stamina and not reflexes /skills is bad for cricket, stamina should be given some weightage but not as a qualifying/deciding factor. the yo-yo test layout


EDIT : As many people have commented saying that at an international level you need a standard like this, yes, fitness should be given importance. We have seen how the fielding of various teams have gotten stronger over the last few years. So, instead of sprinting, we need better field skill examination, sprinting should be a part of a bigger test, not the only test.

And they don’t consider the form at all, what’s the use if a person is so fit and is not in a proper form. Rayudu is the best example of how unfair this test is. People who have seen him field in the recent IPL will understand.

So overall we are making a team of great sprinters. Once we go to England or South Africa, people will know how unfair this test is.

I don’t think Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly, Harbhajan or kumble were this fit like Kohli. But they were equally good at fielding as they were with the bat and ball. And let’s not get into their stamina, everybody knows about fitness test|fitness test for speed

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Akhilesh Jat, lived in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
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Irrespective of their performance on the field, cricketers have to clear the Yo-Yo test for selection to the India ‘A’ and the national teams.


The Yo-Yo test is a maximal aerobic endurance fitness test, involving running between markers placed 20 meters apart, at increasing speeds, until exhaustion. The test was developed in the 1990s by the Danish soccer physiologist Jens Bangsbo and his colleagues, and is now one of the most commonly conducted fitness test around the world.

There are quite a few variations of the yo-yo test, though the most commonly used version is the Yo-Yo


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